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The best way to succeed in crypto in terms of risk/reward: find promising projects early, before 99% of the people even heard about them and take advantage by getting whitelists, free mints, ability to participate in seed/presale rounds, potential retro airdrops.

Report structure and Score Methodology

DRL (Daily Reading List)

DRL would keep you focused only on important News, Articles, and Threads. Everything Alpha Hunter needs for a day to be on edge.

Early Projects Reviews

Daily findings of early and promising NFT, DeFi, DAO, and other projects. We dig it, analyze it, score it, and deliver it to you with all useful links and our Opinion.

Moni Score
Probably Something Projects

Super-duper early projects with a lack of info about it. We are still delivering it to you, but we’ll get brain damage if we try to score’em. They can be 100x projects in stealth/mystery mode, so it better to keep an eye on them too.

Moni Score methodology

As a true Degens we use our 6th sense and gut feeling to research the projects. But overall, our score methodology evaluates:

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Bullish or bearish? – it doesn’t matter. Alpha exists on any market if you’re early.

Every day we dig into 3,000+ Twitter accounts, Telegram groups, Discord channels using our tools and brains to gather all valuable data and deliver it to you so you don’t have to. Just don’t miss the next 100x projects.

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